Blue and Me How to Update in 2021 with Flash

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Blue and Me How to Update in 2021 with Flash

Would it be feasible to upgrade the unit?
No you cannot upgrade to a later generation 2 module....what are you trying to achieve.....if it is playing music from your phone if iPhone you can get an adapter but the old ones you could put music files on a flashdrive formatted to FAT32 and these would play if media player selected in menu.......

There really is little to gain IMHO upgrading to V10....the only reason I used to do it was it needed to be updated to install the later TomTom2 sat nav which even that now is being cut out by TomTom who had to keep the 4CS01 common model going despite being introduce in around 2008 because of the association with Fiat Chrysler and the BlueMe software on them which ran till end of 2015 so as 6 years is all that any motor industry is obliged to support any vehicles that ran out 2022
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If you
Thank you.

I will have to find another way… I think I’m going with one of these: BlueMusic Adaptor Bluetooth FIAT 500

get one of those, so come back and tell us how you got on, as with blue and me units failing all the time now, an alternative like this would be useful to many people
Received the Bluetooth receiver, but need an adaptor cable as the Fiat 500 with Blue and Me has a one piece plug.



Video Link:
All assembled and working great!

The device mimics a CD Changer, and immediately after connecting it, it's recognised.

It works by selecting CD Changer with the CD key (now the option is available).

The controls in the steering wheel work perfectly.

Sound is a bit low but not too bad.

The display in the radio is useless as the radio thinks it is playing CDs.

The install is easy and the tools to remove the radio are included.

To minimize any noises I removed the blue plug:


This is how it looks like:

Not at all is what the forum is for support......
That said the BlueMe site now does seem to have been closed down following the auto industry guide lines of only needing to support parts etc for 6 years and as blueme ceased in 2016 looks like they have pulled support....all we are left with at the moment is the ability to change the language of the blueme and extract the blueme current config file and only because some of us still had kept these files on our computers......
I actually too do have all the files for various cars Fiat and Alfa to update to V10 software as these have all been retained in my download folder on the computer......however when the BMConf file is extracted for the vehicle it places a line script code (assumed the read/write code) to the specific module in the vehicle......when the BMConf file was then uploaded to the blueandme site to get the update files this code must have been used and implanted somewhere in the files that were returned from the trying to use files from another car even if exact same model and year does not seem to work and just gives error time permits we keep searching the file content of the downloads to see if we can find where it has been placed but the format of some files we cannot access......
So the situation as it is I have the files to extract your BMConf from the car and can only tell if it is the latest by the 5 digit code in the second script line but have no way to anymore use the BMConf file to get the later files unless the website is opened up again.....

The language files now have been placed on the forum so anyone can get these.....I can send you over the files which was stage 1 to get your vehicles BMConf file and I can also send you over the complete set of files that were downloaded for a Fiat 500 with a gen2 module 2010-2015 models, however I cannot guarantee these will be accepted by your vehicle.....I have done this already for a few people but no one has come back and said it failed or succeeded so can only go on what vehicles I have tried to update.....
Whilst the BlueMe is an accessory and the car functions without it the modern electronics in the cars is very concerning for future life of vehicles....My friend just sent a beautiful modern Bentley to the breakers as so many electric faults kept occurring that not even the dealer garage could sort them and he had spent more on the car than it was worth.......
Apart from our Fiat 500 and an old 911 Carrera which just has an electronic ignition module and the company supplied Range Rover which is not our problem the rest of our cars are classics and we have no electronics to worry about......the Prince of Darkness is laughing from the grave
Hi i think my abarth grande punto needs a update blue and me mine is really buggy , can you sort me some updated version in portuguese?
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Here is how to update Blue and Me now that Adobe Flash has been disabled.

Install a linux virtual machine using these instructions:

When you install virtualbox you'll need to install the extensions update so you can read and write to a USB stick: virtualbox.o_g/wiki/Downloads

Now you can run Firefox with Flash and access the site.

LOL, turns out there is no update for my Fiat. That sucks because it drops Bluetooth connections after a few minutes.

Hi... is down? im installed the linux vm and change date, etc. im access other flash sites, but is not accessible... have other way?


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Hi... is down? im installed the linux vm and change date, etc. im access other flash sites, but is not accessible... have other way?
There is no other way to access the blueandme site….I don’t think even the main dealers can or are just not interested……to update cars current software levels apart from trying to download files from here on the forum that fortunately a lot of us had kept in our download folder on the computers when we were able to access the site is the best you can hope for…….what you can do is give details on your car model and year and see if you have a gen 1 or gen 2 module… can also download files then upload onto the car which can be used to assess your current blueme module software level…..gen 1 module maximum updates are to level V5.6 and gen 2 module can be updated to V10 level……Farrah
Hi... is down? im installed the linux vm and change date, etc. im access other flash sites, but is not accessible... have other way?
It’s not just down, the website is no more, Fiat have ended all support for blue and me and with it have killed the website, I’ve heard that a Fiat dealer can install the update using the Fiat dealer only examiner kit they use for diagnostics, other than there your choices are non existent