Blue and Me How to Update in 2021 with Flash

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Blue and Me How to Update in 2021 with Flash


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Jan 27, 2021
Here is how to update Blue and Me now that Adobe Flash has been disabled.

Install a linux virtual machine using these instructions:

When you install virtualbox you'll need to install the extensions update so you can read and write to a USB stick: virtualbox.o_g/wiki/Downloads

Now you can run Firefox with Flash and access the site.

LOL, turns out there is no update for my Fiat. That sucks because it drops Bluetooth connections after a few minutes.


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Jan 23, 2021
you are a god amoung men.

How did you get the file extracted onto the disk using the linux emulator? i cant find the drive.

Dec 26, 2014
Orpington, Kent UK
Is there an easier way of doing this? On windows or Mac. What a nightmare. Do Fiat not support blue and me anymore? Surely they should have updated their site to avoid using Flash when adobe stopped supporting it.


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Mar 8, 2020
Blue&me has not been supported or updated since around late 2015 when connect2 and Uconnect took over.

The site however remained available at all times and still is providing updates on older cars that previous owners had never done.

Access is through a Windows7 8 10 vista but as far as I know was never supported via mac, but then I am not a mac user.

I have no problem accessing several ways without adobe flashplayer or on some older PC's that I had never updated or removed adobe flashplayer.

I have provided files via post on a flash drive or can transfer via email through any web file transfer but if done this way you will need to have windows on a PC.

Last week I sent out files all over the world some on flash drives and some on web transfer......just been a bit busy this week with the footy but will get to others I have promised.

I do not charge anything to make a profit just ask postage costs and that the flash drives I send out get sent back..............those who have not please send them back it only costs a 2nd class stamp and I really need them for others.

Included in the files downloaded i send out is all the instructions how to do any updates and in about 10 different languages (pdf format) but I do remove the ones not required.

Where needed for the TomTom2 installation a line code is needed to be changed/modified and this is an XML format so does need certain software to read and open this file type but i do this too so nothing really too difficult.

To get the files you need, PM your email and your car model and year. If your car is covered on the BlueMe site I can download the stage 1 files that just read your cars current status. If you want to proceed yourself after that you just need to have a windows PC get the cars info and send it back to me to upload and get the latest software available for your car which I will then either send out on a flash drive or upload via web transfer..........................