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Jun 8, 2006
Hello all i have recently had my cambelt and tensioner renewed on my stilo dynamiq which was fine.Two months later it is starting to make a noise like a bearing is rubbing ,also during this period i had an engine warning light come on an orange one which the AA man diagnosed as a camshaft angle sensor so i ordered the part from fiat ,Today i took the car in to sort out the noise which the darn car would not make on pulling into the garage ,so i asked the mechanic if he would change the sensor for me which would atleast get rid of the annoying warning light bearing in mind the car ran fine prior to taking it into the garage
I then get a call from the garage stating that the car was running roughly so i went to collect the car and take it for a drive on acceleration the car makes at tapping noise at certain revs and has no power in all gears , so i go back and get the mechanic to come out with me to show him the problem ,on pulling into the garage the car made the noise i originally booked it in for ??? he then tells me that it could be something called a variator that may be giving the same error code
Could one of you tell me if this is viable as i really loosing faith in garages :worship: :worship:


Nov 11, 2005
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You got the 1.8 or the 2.4 engine ?

The variator usually only makes that noise for a few moments from cold but I have heard cases where it so badly worn that its bad all the time ..the insides of the variator fill up with gunge and wear prematurly the only fix is to change it .its located under the cam sprocket of the inlet valve camshaft so its a full strip down again and not cheap as well you know from the cambelt change GSR are doing the variators which are rebuilt with bronze internals and are good for life and I understand are cheaper than the fiat OEM part worth considering iof your getting it done :)