Punto (Mk1) black punto


what do you lot think?
Good base to start on, a few little changes and it will look tidy.

Clear side repeaters
Colour coded bumpers
Painted mirrors and boot handle if it hasnt been done, door ones look like they have
Sporting/GT side skirts
Lower it a touch
New number plates
Remove 60 badges from the wings
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it has been lowered 35 mm all over and i am getting the number plates and side repeaters next payment, i want colour coded bumpers but dont know where to get them from any one got any ideas, and i want some nice mirrors like m3's any one got any ideas aswell and where do u get the side skirts from?
Ah right wasnt sure if it was lowered, couldnt tell by that picture, as for bumpers and skirts keep an eye out on ebay and the for sale section visit scrappys etc, as for mirrors i would say dtm's over m3's, i used to have dtm's but went back to standard mirrors.