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Feb 12, 2007
west sussex
just wondering what is the biggest engine i can put in a punto mk1 that would fit. i obv know that i have to change the sub frames but i want something that will fit like a saxo engine or a ford or what? i want more power than a 1.2
To turbo a 1.2 you'd have to custom build most of the parts I'd imagine. The best people to ask about that would be the cinque/sei ppl as they have done 1.2t before I believe. You'd certainly need to modify the exhaust manifold, air intake as well I'd imagine...and probably have either stand-alone management or a bloody good remap. I'd guess you'd also probably need a metal HG...oh and the engine doesn't want to be too thrashed either IMO.
GT Conversion costs more to insure than a GT usually because of the fact that parts have been swapped between the cars.
The conversion cost itself depends entirely on what level of cinversion you are looking for...and who is doing the work. Bear in mind that it's not just a case of swapping the block'll need driveshafts, gearbox, ecu, rear beam, brakes and a few other bits. If you want to go the whole hog and get all the electrics swapped as well it's obviously cost more. You basically end up using most of a GT for the buying a GT to drive rather than convert would always be cheaper IMO.
all these dreamers and people talking stupid money.
a turbo conversion on my cinq roughly doubled the insurance costs for me.

yes you can just bolt a turbo on but it wont do anything :rolleyes:
do a bit of research into the true costs of a conversion.
then realise that buying a GT is the cheap option

if you want info on turboing a 1.1/1.2 then read the cinq/sei turbo faq
Best advice if you want a fast car is to buy a GT first, then do your research and you will find it can kick out 200bhp if fettled correctly.

And it weighs alomost exactly 1 tonne. Thats a lot of power to weight ratio there.