Technical bigger wheel = power lost ?

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Technical bigger wheel = power lost ?

Oct 13, 2006
Hi there,

Recently got some punto Gt wheels, does it automatically means the car WILL feel a bit slower compare to old standard 13" steel wheels ?

Also from reading :

I will need 15mm spacers at front and 10 mm spacers at back ??? As the cinq is ET30.5 and the punto GT wheel is ET45 ?

The reason i am asking is that i cant find the stamp on ET45 on the wheel and some one said u need 20mm spacers instead of 15mm so a little bit confused.

The car is an 899cc cinq with punto 32mm TB and K&N induction ?

Should i just use those 13" steel wheel ? Any recommendation what i should do ?

CBA looking for wheel info but yes the bigger wheel will make the car more sluggish.
its only an 899 and your asking it move more rotational mass.
have you lowered your car?
Sporting spring and shock on it at the moment, but i am getting the FK springs this weekend sometime. shoud lower by 50mm

And am i right about the spacers size ??

I am actually thinking of going back to the 13" steelie :(..
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loose the steelies for 13" alloy wheels instead. The sporting alloys are cheap enough to buy and do really suit a cinq imo. However there are other wheels available on ebay.
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