Best set up- advice please

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Best set up- advice please

May 11, 2005
in your dreams
At the moment I have a Kenwood Head Unit wired to front speakers 2x50w

Then I have a bridgeable Kenwood 400w amp powering a boxed JBL 12" sub

The question I have is, I have just bought another boxed JBL 12" sub so

1) Should I get another amp and daisy chain it with the other one

2) Should I use the left and right channnels from the amp to power the subs.

3) Should i connect the cable from the two subs and run them off a new more powerful amp.
It was the amps and subs I was more interested in TBH Gary :) I can probably tell you what JBL subs you have from a pic if they aren't written on the cone, and the amps are more likely to have the model number written on them :)
I, err, don't recognise it :eek: I think it may be a predecessor to the GT3/GT4 series :)
I'm gonna stick my neck out and make a couple of assumptions here :)
Those subs are 4 ohm single voice coil and you need a 2 ohm stable amp if you wire the 2 together to show 2 ohms :) I would try to find out what sort of RMS wattages those subs will take and pick a mono amp accordingly :)