Technical Best lubricant for the throttle body potentiometer, after cleaning it?


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May 14, 2013
This applies to a Stilo 1.6 103 HP (2005).

The cars starts and runs great, but :) I have a problem with the RPM cutting off to zero when I reach 2700 RPM... it's basically like hitting the 6000 RPM rev limit, only that is has moved down to about 2700 RPM.

The check engine light is on for half a second when this happens, but no error is stored in the ECU...

I understand this is a problem with the throttle body, more specifically the potentiometer... so I just need to clean it.

My question is this: after I clean the potentiometer, what do I use to grease it? (because cleaning it will remove the original grease).

Is a dry silicone-free PTFE (teflon) spray OK?

Do I have to use a conductive or a non-conductive grease?

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