Bend over and take it

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Bend over and take it

Dec 20, 2004
Looks like gonna have to return car fully to standard and sell all my mods waiting in the garage. Insurance renewal too much for 'rents liking, cant afford it myself, so stuff gonna have to go. :cry:

£820 fully comp with HIC cheapest ive found. Wouldnt mind, but im 20 with 3 years NCB! daylight robbery considering only insuring wheels, lowering kit, exhaust, induction strut brace and seats/harnesses. :bang:
thats madness

im paying 800 fully comp on my bravo, 21 with 2 years no claims. mods insured, full exhaust system, including manifold, lowered, alloys, induction kit, stereo and interior changes, along with work usage, thats with elephant on their 10 month thingy
Have you tried Adrian Flux, I know I am older but only been driving coming up to 2 years and all I paid was £580 full comp last year, with all mods declared, coil overs, induction kit + all the usual.

Give them a try mine was reduced by nearly £550 to the nearest quote I got.

My 1242 is costing me £630 with HIC, I'm 23 with only 1 years NCB and also 1 claim, but with you having 3 years it still seems high.

I've always found tesco easy on Modifications, even ok'd my 1242 without an engineer report. I tried getting a quote on a 1242 Sei a few years back and I had to prove it was safe etc and who fitted, same applied to suspension, so I'm guessing they've eased up a little.

My renewals due in may, so I'll have 2 yrs NCB and that claim should have disappeared :woot:
Were On Earth R You Gettin Your Quotes Mine Is £658 A Year For An 04 Plate Abarth Stilo. Theres Something Seriously Wrong With Ur Insurance Quotes