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Been gone for a while...

Aug 31, 2006
I've been hiding away on VVOC...

With this:







  • 1999 CDX 2.5 V6
  • Electric Front/Rear Windows
  • Electric Sunroof
  • Electric/Heated wing Mirrors
  • Heated front seats
  • Full black leather interior
  • Climate control
  • Headlight washers

  • Silver Gear surround with V6 badge
  • Silver Ashtray/Cup holders
  • Silver Climate Control surround
  • Blue LED Dash conversion
  • Blue LED Switch Conversion
  • Blue LED Window Switch conversion (Front and Back)
  • Blue Interior Lighting
  • Irmscher Gear Knob
  • Amp Switch To replace Traffic Master Switch
  • Standard Glove Box to replace Removed CD changer
  • Alloy door pins
  • Omega Auto Dim/Dip Mirror mod
  • Omega intemittent wash wipe mod
  • Irmscher badges on door cards

  • Irmscher Pre-Face GSI front bumper with fogs
  • Color Coded Bonnet Extension
  • Kamei Grill
  • Angel Eyes
  • Flat blade wipers
  • Silver Bee Sting aerial
  • Irmscher hatch spoiler
  • Opel Blitz Tailgate Badge
  • Irmscher Tailgate Badge
  • Chrome Rear Number plate surround
  • Astra Coupe style Chrome tailgate edge
  • Smoked Repeaters
  • Irmscher Door badges
  • 17" Dezent Daytonas
  • Irmscher Decals on Mirror backs

Styling Under Bonnet
  • Blue plenum hoses
  • Blue MSD Plenum badge
  • VVOC And V6 badges on rad cover
  • Opel Oil Filler Cap

  • Induction Kit & Heat shield
  • Cold air feed from front bumper
  • Bonnet heat shielding removed
  • Remus Cat back
  • Remus 90mm Dual tail backbox
  • Grooved discs all round
  • OMP Uprated Front Pads
  • Front Strut Brace
  • GSI Springs

  • Mutant MT1105USB Head unit (With USB and SD ports)
  • Sub Zero SPLA600 600W AMP
  • Sub Zero 12" Sealed Box sub
  • MP3/Phone Auxilliary Port wired to centre console

BHP is around the 170 mark, with torque somewhere in the region of 240nm (170 lb-ft)

Comments/Opinions welcome... as long as they are nice! ;)
It's staying as is for now I think, as the GSI Pre-face is better looking than the facelift, and goes well with the Kamei, Angel eyes and bonnet Extension.

The mods are pretty subtle, and when tehy are listed it looks like loads has been done, however without the list i'd actually have to point some of the mods out! lol

I have, however decided to refurb the alloys, as they are looking a bit dated. Don't like the SRI twin spokes, and the GSI's, they 2 a penny, so keeping mine is the best option as they are nice and original! :)

The remus straight through centre section, combined with the Remus back box makes sure the V6 can be heard, that's for sure. A few people have said it's too much, but I love the roar, as well as the whistle from the induction kit at high revs! ;)
Slightly off topic but for frenchwood

Did you know there is a guy on the mondeo forum who fabricates engine bling for the vectras and i think the 2.5?? he maybe known as 'wooty' on there?

I notice you are lacking a bit, would you be interested if i find out his website as i have forgotten it?
yeah wouldve thought so, highly recommend if you fancy some, excellent products (y)