Styling Been a busy B!! New Fiat Emblem anyone??

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Styling Been a busy B!! New Fiat Emblem anyone??


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Sep 5, 2007
Just spent the day putting a new Red hood from DTR on the B today, also red leather door panels and finally got a Luggage Rack.

Sparco Strutbrace on it's way:slayer:

New B badge for the bootlid(y)

Pics to follow

Also Wanted to ask if anyone had considered replacing the Front Fiat Badge with a "new style" Emblem, i think it covers all signs of the old one as it is quite large, cost about £16 +vat, DTR had a facelift B with a full set of new badges and i thought it looked quite good(y)(y) (especially as there is some red in the new design!!!)

I think i'm gonna invest in one if it can cover the old style emblem shape on the front panel :yum:


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Cheers Doc, Pics when there's a little light out!!

The new badge size is 95mm, so unless de-badged as you are Doc i'm pretty sure it will cover the old square style Emblem.

FIAT UK also do a kit which includes 2 badges and 4 wheel badges in a nice box which is around £35 +vat. It is offered in a set as the Grande Punto owners are a bit cheesed off with FIAT bc they have a new car with the old logo and many are changing to the new one.
I'm not going to make the same mistake again - if it's cold (which i'm sure it will be) theres a much greater chance of splitting/cracking the rear screen as i did last december - so not too sure about that one.
I really like the new FIAT badge. My only concern is that it only looks good on certain colours of car. Should be cool with the Black. But that pic with the blue car...........not so sure:confused:
Some pics as promised.........


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ROUGE - she is looking most excellent - but that front bumper mate........ :p

Yes, i know....sore subject.....been done like a kipper:doh::shakehead German Ebay Private seller pretending not to speak English now, reported to ebay but bc it was not through Paypal theres nothing i can do but come to terms with the £200+ that i paid and continue searching for a new one. I'll have to pay again from a more trustworthy source.

DTR had a silver one for £150 +vat but i was tempted to buy the hood instead:D

Also ordered that new fiat emblem last night, i think it will cover the old badge cut out as it's size is 95mm......
Re: Been a busy B!! nn New Fiat Emblem anyone??

A certain patina as the late Alan Clark would have it :D

Come again, plain english:confused:

Definition: \Pat"ina\, n.

2. (Fine Arts) The colour or incrustation which age gives to
works of art; especially, the green rust which covers
ancient bronzes, coins, and medals.

or used :confused: