General Because this is the only good english speaking x1/9 forum:

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General Because this is the only good english speaking x1/9 forum:


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Jan 10, 2006
los angeles
i realize the bulk of forum members are from the uk but i've seen a few of us yanks about so i'd like to see if there is anyone else from the south-western united states that might like to get together and have x1/9 chats?
I argued that point with the admins and while they agree it is rough it is the best they have at the moment although I think Network54 is now causing so much friction they are seriously considering moving.
well mhonkieys you are not alone i just acuired a 86 x19 and it is one fun little car i am locted in sacramento so if you find parts for them close let me know has some good stuff but are in ohio
Hey mhonkieys. To answer your question there are some x1/9's in Texas. I have a 1974 which is the only one that year that I have found. I also have a friend that works at the same place as me that has an x1/9. Not sure what year though maybe 76??? Anyway it is tough to find parts around here. Most people look at me like I am crazy when I ask for a part for an x1/9. The usual reply is "x one what" so if you have any ideas for parts anywhere in Texas or close please pass the knowledge on.
hi im on Xweb far more than here, and once you become a member, its very easy to chat on there. if you go though all the other site/links and crap, yeah it sux, but all you have to do is type "xweb forum" in your search field, and the first result will be Xweb disscusion forum and just click and boom your there, and if you stay logged in you can go strait to chatting, and the fs&w (for sale and wanted) forum is super easy to browse through. so to say that its difficult to use is wrong, just try another approach. a plus side to Xweb is you have live chat option,and we reguarly set up chat sesions, + you get fast response to questions & tech advise(some sites take hrs, even days to respond), and the amount of knowedge unbeleivable