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Off Topic Barchettaparts review!


Nov 18, 2011
Being the owner of the only B in Syria, made my life a living hell...

I got my car in a really bad shape, so I had to get parts from everywhere (No parts in Syria), I got parts from, Local Polish suppliers, some parts from my friend here (bollie69), also from Henk,, I'll review barchettaparts first then I'll review the others later.....

(The reason why I'm doing this is to help the people looking for parts for their B to find the best possible place to get their parts from)

Because it's impossible to ship from anyplace to Syria (due to the current political situation in Syria) I had to ask my friend in Germany to get the parts for me and later we were able (very hardly) to ship to Syria .

I received the parts we got from Barchetta parts few days ago, I'll review the important expensive parts only.... Total bill was around 500 euro....

the front blinkers (let and right) 50 euro both, they were in good condition.... a bit of spray paint on them, but everything was cleared and went looking good at the end

Logos, font and back logos, These two were made for the b, they look very nice, but I think they are overpriced, I was able to find them @ e-bay sold for less than what I got them for ( I got them for 60 euro both)

Headlights, both left and right, I got them for 140 euro each, they are in a great condition, but they have a serious problem, they came without the covers (the silver ones) and this is a huge problem because mud and water will get inside them and they will look awful after a few months of using them, I did contact henk to tell him about the problem, he said that he's selling them without the covers, but at his website this is not mentioned, it said there "Headlight right used", no mention that the headlights are missing the covers, anyway he said he has the covers but he wants 10 euro for each, which mean an extra 40 euro.... I didn't like that .

cover behind seats came in very good condition

roof compartment, sadly came in very bad condition, sticky and honesty worst than the one I got....

overall, henk is a professional, he has everything at his website, if you're in a hurry or cannot find a part you need, he'll help you, he's guaranteed which means, he'll ship the parts if you'll pay him for sure and fast, but I think he's a bit overpriced and honesty I didn't like what he did with me with the headlights....

More review to come later....