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Oct 15, 2007
Hiya Everyone, Just Joined The Forum Having Purchased A Sexy Little Black Boat And Have A Couple Of Little Niggles I Would Like To Sort Out And Just Want To See If Anyone Has Had Same Probs.firstly My Speedo Fluctuates,sometimes Too Fast,sometimes Too Slow And Sometimes Correct,is This More Likely To Be The Speedo Itself Or The Sensor In The Gearbox ? Secondly,my Clock Doesnt Light Up Even Though The Bulb Is Working,you Can Just About Make It Out At Night But Impossible To See In The Day. I Phoned My Local Fiat Dealer Who Quoted Me £62 For A New Clock,flippin Bonkers !! Dont Know If Anyone Has A Spare For Sale Or Knows Where You Can Get Them Cheaper. Also Is Magnatec Oil Ok To Use As Its Easier To Get Than Selenia ? And Finally My Barchetta Has Only Done 43,000 Miles But Im Just About To Change The Cambelt As Its Been 4 Years Since It Was Done, I See Most People Change The Variator At The Same Time But I Was Going To Leave Mine As Theres Nothing Wrong With It,your Opinons ?


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Apr 21, 2006
south east wales
hi! welcome to the forum
try breakers for the clock, other fiats might have the same clock
i wouldn't use magnetec as its quite an old oil, a good fully synthetic would be better