Technical barcetta front dumper

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Technical barcetta front dumper

It will fit is the answer I presume you are asking. The 2004 Barchetta has not changed apart from a new bumper and lights. Should set you back £400ish.

I have all the part No's on a sheet if you want I can scan them in and mail them to you. PM me with your mail address.

That is quite nice if front bumper the newest model fits into older barchetta model... So the newest model 05 of front bumper will or. can fit to barchetta yr. 98? Do you know what is the price for this front bumper?

You can also paste some pictures of front bumpers - new models or some styling bumpers for sale with tüv ;)

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The barchettas structure has not changed, the engine changed slightly, the third break light, but the car has not really changed much since 95. the new bumper will fit any age of barchetta as long as you buy all relevent bolts, lights, fittings etc.

I think the total is around £350 to £450. Then you have to spray it, trouble is then trying to match the paint work to older Barchettas.

uf i think is better to look styling shops for spoilers... :D

I kind like this front spoiler:

But it is selled together with whole bumper :confused:

Any ideas, links, shops with not so extremly high prizes for this kind of spoilers... ;)
I agree, the older spolier with a lip on is far sexier than the new Barchetta.

But I do like the new one.

Change is good.

Shame they have stopped making them.