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Bank Transfers


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Nov 22, 2006
Anyone know how long they take? :confused:

My auntie has transferred some money to my account for my birthday and just wanted to know how long before the money is in my account. :)

Tried Google but just keeps throwing up rubbish. :rolleyes:

Thank you. (y)
I think she's doing it online (My auntie is a lazy b*tch lol) She'll be doing it with her Barclays account I think.
A bank transfer will take a few days to go through, plus they may also be doing verification checks on it.

Just be patient...;)

I have done a few Barclays transfers to other accounts before, sure it says something on the screen, let me go and look....
Here we go:

How long will my payments take?

Payments to Barclays accounts: These are normally made immediately. However, on occasion payments are delayed to allow us to carry out some extra checks to protect your account from potentially fraudulent activity.

Payments to Barclaycard: Immediately but your payment will take a working day to show on your statement. Payments made after 5pm or on a non-working day are dated the next working day on your statement.

Payments to non-Barclays accounts: At least three working days.
Same bank to Same bank = instant"ish"

Other bank to Other bank = 2-3 years (well the bank need to make interest on it 1st! Remember banks are sooo hard up!)
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My barclays savings to barclays instant access - instant transfer.
my barclays to my hsbc - 5 working days BUT the money is drawn out instantly & lives in cyberspace for the 5 working days.
My hsbc to barclays - takes a few hours if initiated before close of play.