Styling Badboy Bonnet for £50

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Styling Badboy Bonnet for £50


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Apr 6, 2004
Badboy Bonnet for £50, Yay or Nay?

An old friend of mine told me i should have my bonnet badboyed the other day... he works for the biggest bodyshop in the south...

anyways he asked me how much they usually are... i said a guy on here does em for £60 if you give him the bonnet/car for a weekend...

So he phoned me last night and said £50 for the work/materials etc, and £30 if i want it painted aswell... :D:D:D

What you think??

Im not sure.. dont want people to class it as a chavvy car, and the whole point of changing cars was because i wanted to make it a standard looking car.. but im sooo tempted!!

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lol kk cheers guys, i might be able to get more done at near this price if anyone else wants one?? ill have a word... i have another old mate who is in the process of buying his own bodyshop apparently so ill see what i can do with him, but havent spoke to him in bout 5 years! :p


badboy here we come! ;)
£50 for a badboy bonnet sounds great. would be hard to beat.
dont suppose there is any chance of him doing sei bonnets in the future lol?
Enjoy mate
Also i suppose if you dont like it once fitted, if you get a spare youve a good chance of selling the badboy if needs be :)
Wow, this fella makes no profit at all it sounds like! Dead cheap! I know we charge similar, but not as low as that. Unfortunately we dont have alot of free time, and between sourcing a bonnet and collecting it, buying in the filler and metal etc to do a bonnet, cutting the templates to fill the gap as per required, then sanding smoothign primering and arranging delivery, im afriad we dont see as much of the £100 as we would like :( Anyway, hope it goes well for you (y)

BTW is it metal or fibreglass inserts?
Right just got off the phone to him, its now changed to £100 profesionally sprayed, or just £50 for the badboy... That is for anyone, if interested give me a PM and ill text him to book you in..