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General Back on the road... at last!


Jul 24, 2009
Midi Pyrenees
After finding a dodgy rear swing arm and leaking petrol pipes last year I have FINALLY got off my lazy fat arse and got the faults fixed.

My fault, I should've got it done but was overcome by a dose of "couldn'tbebothereditis" as she sat in the barn under her cover for over 12 months.

Weather forecast for Saturday is sunny and 28 so it will be a trip to the mountains, look out for a post with photo's.
As I live in Midi Pyrenees as well, I am curious as to where you got it fixed? Did you use Fiat, local garage or a mate? How difficult was the swinging arm to replace?
Steve D
Hi Cratchat.
Congratulations on getting your B back on the road, long time covered in that Barn.
Steve, I replaced my trailing arms a few years ago, RH side was fairly straightforward, but the LH side was painful. The bolt that runs through both the bearings and onto the body was seized had to resort to an angle grinder & hacksaw. My advice is if you suspect the rear bearing has failed. Best get it fixed as soon as.
Regards Dave M
Steve, I used a local chap, ex-pat but fully registered etc. Ordered the part from put in the numero d'immatriculation and cross referenced the part with Fiat eper, plus the long bolt as the microfiche doesn't show it included with the arm, but as it happened it was included, so the spare bolt is now with the mech. 61 euros for the arm and 4 for the bolt, plus fitting, so just over 100 euros which I consider pretty good. I didn't hang around watching the replacement and he just mentioned rusty bolts etc. so no real issues. Plus he has a lift and I would have been scrabbling around under the back of the car, so definitely a job for someone else...
Hi, excellent price for the work. I use oscaro and find them good value for parts and delivery. I only wish I could find a local garage who knows The Fiat "fiables" and I can use all the time. The nearest Fiat garages are Aurillac and Cahors 50 mile away and I recently asked both for estimates to replace the altenator, Aurrillac quoted 700euros and Cahors 50euros, Fiat state 1.5 hrs labour.
So big question is how far from Figeac is your mechanic?
Steve, the chap I use is south of Auch down in the Gers. Michelin route planner reckons it would be around a 4.5 hour drive! Probably somewhere more local to you would be better...
Who is it you use? The Fiat specialist gargage near me has closed so it would be useful to find someone local. Hope all is well with you.