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General Back on the road again


Evil Shenanigans!
Jul 7, 2005
Ahhh, cinq back on the road after a month an half or so. Feels good apart from the fact that i thought it was never coming back to life this morning:( but its all good now drove it to work, needed industrial ear gear coz of the awful noise from the (custom broken exhaust made). My mate picked it up this morning around 10 and took it to the garage for me Cheers KAZP(y)

I was thinkin when he drove past us,(ignoring the noise again) has anyone elso on here had a friend drive past em in your car. You know just to see what other people see. They are well nice cars i'm glad a mate of mine got us into em, dont know what ad do without it. Best car av ever had over all of em :cry: <- :D
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