Baby Gets Excited.....

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Baby Gets Excited.....


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Nov 14, 2002
Nr Coventry
its official...the only date that babysei cant do is 28th March FIAT FORUM MEET watch out for baby!!!

The unforgettable one......
baby finally gets to meet you all!!! yeay!!

The unforgettable one......
Shall look forward to meeting the legendary BabySei ;)

Brought to you in association with Sertraline
ill be there, if my car is show worthy and not covered, in primer and filla like it will be next week

bad boy bonnet, doors smoothed off, tailgate smoothed off, lowered, all little dints and scratches removed, bumper modded, number plate recess removed, alloys fitted (IF I CAN FIND SOME), lowering springs fitted, Full Respray in VW PURPA RED, with PINK and BLUE pearl

LMAO....its good when ya best mate works in a Body repair shop MWahaha, also i forgot to mention :

Re-doing all my ice, New Ashley Exhaust, spraying dash and stuff same as exterior, fitting solenoids, and central locking !!

oh well - the most savvy car mechanic i know is a kwikfit fitter - and he comes to me to get his mods done ;)

the rest of my mates are all computer whizz kids - oh wait i am too - and i can do everything they can ;)

i think i need to find new mates;)
LOL.. im in the same boat as you mate... the exact same bloody boat... cept for the kwik fit guy... he needs a slap and a couple books to learn how to do the stuff for ya lol :)

vroom Vroom