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Jan 11, 2006
Cannock, Staffs
Right then, theres something ive been wanting to get off my chest for sometime now but ive been waiting for someone else to start it.They say you shouldnt discuss politics, religion and money(?) with friends but i think its about time this was bought up.
I was born in 1968 in smethwick(B,HAM), ENGLAND. I lived abroad for several yrs in Toronto Canada and had the benefit of looking at the british isles from the outside in.During my 37 yrs ive come across people from all walks of life, each one of them either proud or envious of the country of my birth for its democratic lifestyle, freedom of speech, justice,etc. etc.
But it seems that ive been living in a dream world as for the past few yrs i feel as though the ordinary citizen of this country is being persecuted for those reasons.
Freedom of speech means exactly what it says- freedom to say what you like(Within reason of course).So why do i constantly turn on the tv or read a newspaper only to see religious(i use the word loosely) fanatics demonstrating with force about something said or drawn about their messiah. For a start this religion is supposed to be peaceful, and also if i started off on one every time i heard a joke about my messiah id have been locked up a long time ago!
I am no racist, fascist or whatever else you could wish to label me, i am an englishman living in england.We live in a multi culture society today where the genuine english man is forced to play gooseberry to every other culture, we bend over backwards to accomodate these people and their various traditions and religions and to be honest the more we give the more they want and take(without thanks).
President Kennedy said in his inaugriation speech "ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country".What great words. Except i dont know where my once greatly admired country has gone, as far as i can see weve been sold down the river by two political parties over the last 20yrs. The police have their hands tied behind their back for fear of someone shouting descrimination,politicians are ignorant to it until an election comes round then they crawl out from under their stones and if were honest about it there is too many goody two shoes preaching the rights and wrongs on everything that we end up going nowhere fast.
Im just fed up with my own fellow british citizens being ignored while everybody else just does what they like, when they like by whatever means they like and being allowed to do it. I could go on for hours but i dare say youre getting bored so i wont go on any more, alli will say is " if you dont like how this country and most of the western world is run- fcuk off and find somewhere else to live, nobody is forced to live on the british isles, they live here by choice"
So thats my rant over! tell everyone what annoys you! Its good to let off steam now and again!

F.A.O. Others

These views are entirely my own and do not reperesent members past or present of the Fiat forum. No offence is meant by this post and no political or religious groups are mentioned.Interpretations are made at the readers discretion.
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Helz said:
No I'm certainly not, I really appreciate people who come here for a better life and many NHS staff, for example, have come here to work and are out there saving lives some of their countrymen would rather see destroyed. I hate british born scroungers with equal disgust if that helps anyone ;)

I agree with al of the above, including this.. i hate scroungers, regardless of race, creed colour or whatever... bad people is bad people, unfortunately it only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire basket, and some people are only willing to see what they wanna see.

I'd like to move onto the current legal system... look into how many groups are out to help the perpertrator of any crime... loads of em... how about the victim?? i believe there's victim support yea?

oh yea, and I'm French, 'back home' they just chuck people on the nearest train to the nearest other country ... (yea yea, i know you racists hate me as much as the rest :) )
MATT 68 said:
So as not to mess you about career wise, ill pencil you in as minister of health and education, Is that ok with you?(y)

i agree with you can i be a minister of something:D

or perhaps I could control the whip:eek:

but on a serious note I do agree with what your saying(y)
charmed103 said:
i agree with you can i be a minister of something:D

or perhaps I could control the whip:eek:

but on a serious note I do agree with what your saying(y)

ooooooh whip sounds good !:D
Good post there Matt68 :)

Btw no speed cameras and no speed limits on the motorways :rolleyes:
Matt that was an excellent post which i agree with 100% this country is quietly going down the shute and as you rightly say are pandering to every whim of scroungers and illegal imigrants and cultural groups who do not wish to intergrate into the british way of life .When you speak of freedom of speach the true brit is not listened to and yet people like abu Hamsa literally preach hate openly on the streets while living on our benifit system (n) where it will all lead us god only knows the world is heading for a 3rd world war (n) .