500 (Abarth) At last! Here she is - 500 Abarth


Since almost a year I was a very happy owner of brand new 500 1.2 in Bossa Nova White. We have covered about 18500 km full of joy, mainly on long routes and I was really loving it but in the meanwhile I have always dreamt about having Abarth 500. In the end of February by accident I came across the offer of local Krakow's Abarth/Alfa Romeo/Fiat dealer for new cars from 2012. Short decision and then after selling previous 500 1.2 I have just became the owner of brand new 500 Abarth in White Gara :)

What can I say? It is a totally different car! 500 packed with steroids :D And it has everything I was missing in 500 1.2.

On two photos below: leaving showroom, before that - was waiting under red cover among all other cars covered in grey :)
grats on the new car... hope you have many miles in it. I just hope the weather get better so I can get the roof down