Arrrgh Caught Out By Insurance

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Arrrgh Caught Out By Insurance

Jan 26, 2006
South Wales
To cut a long story short, I've just bought my car, and was planning to take out insurance on it under my parents name as I've mentioned before. Got round to calling them up this afternoon, ready to pick up the car at the end of the week, and found out that if you're under your parents name you can only drive the car for 3 days of the week, and as I'm a student, I'm not insured from going back and forth to my place of study :eek: since with all the other companies it's only £200 less than in my name I've decided to bite the bullet and insure in my name.

However, Liverpool Victoria offered me a years NCB (can use with other companies not just them, so get 2 after my first year of driving) if I took the cover out with them under my full name, and offered me free buisness use. So although I'm paying a grand more :eek: at least they tried to help a little.

So all of you under your parents insurance, check the small print, apparently they said most insurers use this policy to cut down on parents getting insured on cars for their kids *swears a lot* :)
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