Approx 1368 16v Weight (FIRE)

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Approx 1368 16v Weight (FIRE)

On my scales the 1000cc 8v dry with no manifolds,alternator but with flywheel was 60kg. So I reckon 65 to 70kg for the 16v in the same state. Add another 10 to 15 kg with all the bits plus 30-35kg for the gearbox.

cheers Damon
I now have one sitting on a pallet, but my scales don't go that high I don't think. THey are electronic, but I think they would break lol

no its not :p

cam carrier is alloy as per all recentish 16v fire engines.

block is cast......head is cast as well i'm pretty sure.

sump is alloy, but big deal, bet that makes no difference....just less likly to rot through :)

80kg would be a good guess :)

its just an so heavy I can move one around the workbench, but with g'box I couldn't lift the thing, maybe just block/head I would be able to lift it?
The 16V should be heavier than the 8V. Boxes all about the same. Try weighing it one end at a time. Not 100% accurate but should be pretty close.