Anyone up for writing some guides?

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Anyone up for writing some guides?


The Boss
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Mar 15, 2002
Hello all you fine people.

Whilst on my never ending quest to tidy up the forum, I noticed we haven't had any guides posted for quite some time :eek:

I guess it's possible we have got everything covered, but I'm not sure that could be true.

So I just wanted to post and say, if anyone is going to do any work on their cars in this wonderful sunshine, why not photograph the journey and post it up as an official guide - we will love you very much!

Also, if you already made a thread/post that is guide worthy, just let me (or a moderator) know and we'll get it converted across for you :D

If you didn't even know what the guide section is - check it out >>>

Thanking you and much love!