General Anyone seen KC3 recently.......?

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General Anyone seen KC3 recently.......?

I was thinking the same thing LRB, have not seen KC3 post in a few weeks.

Our esteemed moderator has his hands full removing all that sand he picked up on his Panda run last month. Takes ages to get sand out of all your cracks ;-)
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Humble apologies once again, but much is happening and lots I can't air on a public forum. I love cars but at the mo they are a secondary consideration even though I just got parts for the barchetta's brakes as the front o/s caliper has siezed and front hose balooned to 3 times it's size. Also in the middle of getting the prize panda ready for collection and back on full shifts at work.

So for now I can't make any promises, but will try to keep abreast of what's going on.
That means guys, we will be able to get away with all sorts whilst esteemed moderator's back is turned:devil:
Now and again ;)