Anyone know about totalled Bravo in Quensferry?

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Anyone know about totalled Bravo in Quensferry?


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Aug 24, 2004
Coming back from manchester last night, I noticed a bravo, on the wrong (my) side of the road, down a ditch, absolutely obliterated. There were a bunch of young lads around two police cars looking pretty pleased with themselves :mad: and by the looks of the totalled car they must have been doing some stupid speeds. It's a 50 limit, and the road is straight so god knows what they have done. One gave me the finger as I slowed to get a look :rolleyes:
It had massive wheels, and it looked like everyone was okay, despite the damage to the car. I don't suppose anyone on here knows anything about it?
Big Black Stilo said:
seems you went past mr attitude!

Still cant believe the police flipped the bird though :)

Sorry, maybe I didn't make it clear, it was the gathering of stripy jumpered chavs that flicked me the bird. However, I wasn't the one that managed to wrap my car and nearly kill myself and four others, on a clear, straight road :rolleyes: Fccuking wastes of oxygen.
perhaps they live in numptyville. absolutely filled with chavs and their wheels.:)
not related but I saw a corsa today in milton keynes BALANCING on the railings at the side of a roundabout!! IT WAS ON TOP OF THE RAILINGS!!!