Technical anyone got a sei with aircon?

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Technical anyone got a sei with aircon?


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Oct 8, 2003
Ok, not often i'm asking Seicento questions but does anyone on here have one with air conditioning fitted?

I'm after photos of the drive for the compressor, the belt, the pulleys and compressor mounting points - the general AC compressor kind of area really.

If anyone has the Seicento workshop manual, some diagrams off that would be handy too :)

I dont think there is a sei suite owner on the forum (n)

Wait, doesnt Gaz's mum own a suite? :chin:
Hmm....I think I can guess whats going on here. Smells very Eaton'y :)

I have some stuff from the Cinq ripped off ePER, it takes its drive from a belt driven off the alternator pulley..dunno if thats much help mind!

ive got a 1994 899cc cinq suite with aircon (it doesnt work though) there is a large bracket which bolts to the side of the motor,the alternator sits on top of the comressor and the diagram of the pump is correct if you need some pictures i could take some tommorrow the prob is its as tight as a gnats chuff down by the pump so the may not be the best pics
it's the 1108 engine i'm after photos of really, but i'm sure there was talk of someone wanting to supercharge an 899, so them photos would still be appriecated :D
AppleSei said:
I dont think there is a sei suite owner on the forum (n)

Wait, doesnt Gaz's mum own a suite? :chin:

Sorry, but I have got a Suite and I have an Eaton charger hanging round as well.

What do you want to do Mark? Anyway it can be done but you have to to use more than the air con mounting points.
hehe - i'm not sure how or where to mount a supercharger yet though. the turbo conversion i can see in my head what needs doing - but not with supercharger. i dont even know where it'd fit!
This is a 1242 mpi, but it's exactly the same as 1108, as i am using the original mounting plates and pulleys.


well all i can say is with enough thought and engeneering you can do it but god is it going to be tight fitting an eaton m45 supercharger and all the gubens in that engine bay