General Any takers??????

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General Any takers??????

Dazzo............I am srprised your selling him after all you have done! I was showing your ad to Stephanie and she muttered about "buying my George back"!!!! If it doesn't sell let me know......I might just be tempted you never know.

What are you going to get next?
:( aw, sad sad day!
I *just might* put a bid in if I can get the right amount of dollar for my VR6 :) just might...
why have a reserve, why not start the auction at the minimum price you want. reserves are a nonesense.

To have a reserve is cheaper to advertise on E-Bay that to have a high starting price..... That's why..... Take it your friend George is not intrested then Rich?? Hows the season going so far mate?
Not true +2% of the reserve, reserves are pointless, as no one know if your being realistic. At least with a starting price you judge if the auction is actually viable. What is your reserve.

Why would George want george, unless george plate was real, but george has the plate BTC 16V, which I think is bad ass on his sedici, its like a red rag to all boy racers. Shame the car isnt running.

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i think that is what he was after really the plate.... then i told him it was a mock one and cost 15k if he wanted it from reg transfers... eeeeeek....
Ive set the reserve at 500,
Got him home last night, all good.

Cheers Darren, George is great and a credit to all your hard work, it will continue.... (y)