General any interest in an x1/9

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General any interest in an x1/9

Feb 16, 2005
I love my sei, but a work college has had an x1/9 on his drive for about 10 years, sitting.......recon he will get any joy in the classifed selling as a whole?

Please don't PM me about offers. I'm just trying to gauge wether its worth me telling him he could shift it (and getting him to put it in classified via me as proxy), as he is thinking to scrap it.

There is a quick test - one eyeball and one by hand.

1) Look in the enginebay at the suspension towers - if they look like they are bubbling up with rust or look swollen as if someone has hit then from inside the wheelarch then it is half way to a lost cause

2) tap your hand along the outside sill and see what happens. If you hand unexpectedly goes through and your find yourself holding onto a lump of powdery rust then it is the other half way to a lost cause

These two details signify the very worst areas of rot and once they are gone (properly gone) there is no realistic way of getting back.

Anything else is fixable (at some expense)