any early birds?

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any early birds?

When is it again? I should be making an appearance, armed with some Guinness :) Was gonna go last year, but I had other commitments :(
sammiboo said:
I think helz has it in her ticker thing

but thats only a run over from last year, as she didnt want to changer sig in accordance to the stupid sig rules! :rolleyes:
Is that now confirmed?

I must have missed that :eek: - doubt I will book until last minute again, although need to check when schools go back as well :chin:
was confirmed in last thread, dont change it now :( it was done earlier so the uni people could go as before it was always too late for them

oh an it was about 4or 5 peoples birthdays
if you book now you only pay small dolla, the rest is due few weeks before you go, leaves more spending money then
I'm going :) dont know what i'm doing this weekend let alone september :eek: so mine will be a late one :)