Styling Angel Eyes?

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Styling Angel Eyes?


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Oct 9, 2007
Evening all,

Just been looking round the forum reading some of the threads about cinquecento's as im looking to buy one next month as a project car.
Didnt really find anything about angel eye head lamps.
Does anyone know where i could source some of these? also any cinquecento modding parts sites would be cool.

Used to have a Punto 60 but one of the conrods went through the block :-(

Regards Greg
ahh cool cheers ill keep looking, did have a look yesterday but couldnt find any.
Apprantly angel eyes with a hid conversion will pass an mot as it is a projector not a reflector?

Can anyone shed some light on this? sorry for the pun :p
Cheers man, not as good as the punto ones but supose they look alright! got any pics of what they look like on a cinq?

Can I have a high5?

No it doesnt have 2 rads, its a mirror image.


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high 5 that looks fookin awesome, get some pics of it at night with some HID's that would be the tits.
this is what my cinq use to look like with angel eyes 3 year ago befor i sold car
no reason why not but i dont think they would suit the car tbh.look for a squarer design
do what rallycinq did,sheet of metal with two lights bunged in it,and if you wish you could put some rings around them.
Can I have a high5?

No it doesnt have 2 rads, its a mirror image.

hence the two identical cars in the bg

and the odd looking tree

and the two dash boards housings

ooh ooh and the weird windscreen wipers....

i must admit tho, i didnt get it at first either