Styling Angel Eyes fitted on my Bravo :-)

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Styling Angel Eyes fitted on my Bravo :-)

Mar 14, 2005
Well after some fiddling i managed to rewire and replace my old foglights whith shiny new angel eye foglights to my Bravo.

(I never said angel eye headlights, LOL)

Now i can drive with my foglights on, so to speak. They are now lit but still legal.

The pictures aren't brilliant as they are off my mobile phone. Also it seems my mobile has altered the colour of the angel eyes, they are white rings. However in the flesh they look brilliant. Also the fog lights are super bright (sadly yellow in comparison to my HIDs and LED sidelights, but its Illegal to drive with the actual Foglight (55W Halogen) on).

Up close.


From a distance (Not very clear, but they do stand out).


With the foglights on.


With my HID lights on and angel eyes only. (No Main Beam or fog light)


Sorry for those who thought i got actual Fiat Bravo Angel Eye Headlights. Anyway i have angel eye foglights now.

For those wondering ages ago about my special plan to drive legally with my foglights on, well here it is. Took me a while to pick and choose the right Angel Eyes as there are many cheapies out there, so opted for the ones with 8 LEDs in the ring (the most expensive, but cheaper than any standard Bravo Foglight). Not just two LEDs.

The foglights work directly off the sidelights, so they are on constantly whenever i have my sidelights or dipped lights on.

Might take a picture in the day when my phone works better to give you a better idea if i get the time.

They are made by Ring, Angel Eyes. Can be found on Ebay at £35 or from for £55 delivered. I went for the latter as there where none on EBay at the time. They required abit of moddification to the foglight holders, but you can still refit the standard foglights as they still screw in and sit perfectly. No brackets had been cut off.