General Amount of welding required for panel replacement

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General Amount of welding required for panel replacement


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Oct 22, 2004
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After I've got hold of some new panels, I'm in two minds whether to replace the whole rear 1/4 panel (3dr uno mk2) or just use the 'arch replacement kit' which is about 5-6" wide around the arch.

what it comes down to is labour required to weld either panel in, as my welding skills really aren't upto this kind of stuff (or it may be and I'm being overcautous) .

I would be preparing the metal work myself (so either stripping and grind the old 1/4 panels off, or cutting and nibbling & fettling the arch kits into shape. then hiring a bloke with a welder to do the work?

anyone any idea's, or has had it done before.

oh and the inner archs are pretty damn solid, although could do with some touching up at the edges inside the arch.
id deffo go for the arch mate. starts getting a bit silly IMO when u replace the whole rear 1/4 just for the arch. plus, the rear 1/4s are about £150 each and the arch replacments are £12 ;)



Not only that, but it takes more work to fettle and align a rear quarter panel compared with an arch repair section. It takes a very skilled body specialist to get a quarter panel to look factory fitted, whereas a bit of filler and a good rubbing down can disguise an arch repair much easier. It's all down to time and money and how perfect you want it to be.

Oh yes, and be VERY careful when welding the panels into a Uno. The metal is so thin that unless you take your time and gap the spot welds when welding you'll distort the panel with heat build up.

Get a good job done on it and it will last a long time. Good luck!
I know a whole panel replacement would be the ideal. but its cost, and whilst just repairing th arch is still a lot of work, its certainly a lot less than the whole hog.

so think I'm gonna go for that. depends what the local bodyshop reckons. :cool:
If the rest of the panel is sound, then only do the arch not the whole panel. Generally try cutting out as little of the original metal out as possible but ensure you've got all the rot out. Strip the interior trim out and you'll be able to check the condition of the panel from the otherside to determine the best way forward.

Arch covers are a bit of a bonus if you're doing the work yourself, less than perfect results can be hidden.
pay a proper bodyshop to do it

= £400 can't afford to put that much into it at this time, not just on one thing.

arch repair is the way forward, going to order a pair on monday, then i can have a looks to see wheres the best compremise. as for a reshell, glasgow uni are selling an already stripped out red mk1 for £50 :D