Technical All revved up and nowhere to go

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Technical All revved up and nowhere to go


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Mar 21, 2006
Can anyone point me in the right direction.

I have a 1998 Punto 60 SX, which suddenly lost drive . The engine sounds fine, and the clutch and gearbox seem OK, but when I engage gear the car just wont move. If I jack up both wheels and engage gear they seem to fly round and the speedo registers, but when I am towed , there is nothing on the speedo. Is it possible that the rubber bush in the middle of the offside driveshaft has sheared? Has anyone heard of this?

Any other suggestions gratefully received

Thanks in advance:bang:
Quick check to prove clutch is ok
foot on clutch put into gear keep foot pressed hard down on blakes, slowly lift foot off clutch when you get to clutch point keep foot on brake keep lifting clutch, eventually you will stall the engine.
If this does'nt happen and the engine is still running when you have taken foot of clutch . you have a gearbox removal job i think new clutch or pressure plates.
yeh sounds like box or clutch, i had a corsa 1.2 back in the day and i wrote it off by sliding into a pavement then into a railing which snapped the suspension and bent the drive shaft on left side. and just like you i could start it put it in gear and let the clutch go and there she would still be running even though she should have stalled, so my thought was clutch was fine other wise i couldnt get it in gear so it must be box or possibly diff. hope that my narrow it down a little.