Alfa romeo Gtv 2.0 t.s

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Alfa romeo Gtv 2.0 t.s


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Sep 5, 2007
Hello ,
any input on a Gtv 2.0 from 1995 and after ?
Looks quite nice and performs good too ,but would like to know any
thing from people who owned one , or had some experience ...
excellent choice (y)

the 2.0 twinspark is an excellent engine but there are many things to be aware of.

1. timing belt service
on the 2.0 twinspark the timing belt change interval is 36k. on the 2.0 you have the balance shaft so the timing belt job must include the following:
Cam belt, cam belt tensioner, idler, balancer shaft belt, balancer shaft tensioner. that usually costs £300 however the variator and water pump should be changed at the second timing belt change (72k). that will add to the cost. if the engine sound slike a diesel it is usualy due to the variator.

2. maintaining temperature
this it is often a problem on the twinsparks, both overheating and overcooling. the temp gauge should stay at 70 most of the time, rising to 90 in heavy traffic. if it is still less than 70 after 15mins it means the thermostat is stuck open, usually the gauge sits at 50 for a long time when this happens. the other issue is a rotten radiator which causes overheating, and a faulty fan which is very common and must be checked prior to purchase.

3. oil consumption
all twinsparks use oil, but how much will vary. any owner who does not know how much oil his twinspark uses is not a good person to buy the car from. engine failure is common on twinsparks due to oil starvation. by the time the oil warning light comes on it is to late. people who do not keep theor oil topped up are likely to suffer engine failure. this is why you see so many twinspark engine replacements on all models that use them.

4. electrics
as with all italian cars the electrics are a pain in the arse. check everything works and check all the warning lights on the dash switch off as expected (also check they come on when ignition is switched on, some people chop wires to hide faults)

5. keys
there are only 2 keys. check both work and that the remotes work. replacements can be expensive (£120+)

6. knocking bottom end
the bearings on the crank can fail as early as 70k, by 100k they are commonly knocking. listen for this carefully. it isnt very expensive to fix but it is a good way to get money taken off the price.

7. MAF (air flow meter)
the MAF is a very very very common problem. it shoud be cleaned using contact cleaner at every service. few people bother, leading to major powerloss. if the car lacks power, especially above 3000rpm, this is probably the cause.
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As usual jug got it all. Really is a fantastic engine when looked after, loads of torque get a stainless straight through on it and the noise is pure sex wee :D.
Thank you for the info ,
its really a nice car , what do you think compaired to the coupe from fiat ?
here in greece they are rangeing in the 10-13000 euro area with the alfa being a bit more epensive
wow thats very expensive. in the uk you can get a good coupe or gtv for 4000euro.

the coupe and gtv are difficult to compare because its the same car made by the same company with a few minor differences. which you prefer the look of is a matter of opinion. personally i prefer the gtv (especially inside) but when i was younger i preferred the coupe. the main difference is the engine options. the coupe has a turbo, the gtv has a v6, the coupe had a 5 cylinder, the gtv has a twinspark, all of them are on my list of favorite engines.
I prefer the coupe but thats based purely on performance and looks :). Unfortunatly the fastest GTV you can get commonly is the 3.0 V6 which is not very quick compared to a 2.0 20v Turbo Coupe. Alfa did do a turbo V6 but their as rare as a hard working italian :rolleyes:.
the 3.2 V6 is faster than the 20vT :p

the 3.0 v6 is same speed as the 20vT (6.5secs 0-60)

you can choose a laggy turbo with a lot of tuning potential or a heavy V6 that affects handling.
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of cource
we cannot find as cheap as in uk but for a older model lets say 97 the price would be in the 7-8000 euros , the think is no real klm are shown and how many klm they can really make without problems ..
a twinspark can easily do 250-300,000km if the oil level is kept above minimum and the timing belt job is done correctly. failures are almost always due to low oil or a timing belt failure.