Technical alarms/anti theft protection(what you got on)

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Technical alarms/anti theft protection(what you got on)


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Jan 22, 2006
just wondering what others have on as safety for the barchetta.

i got an elser alarm 8470 with ignition start and seems to be great on it!!works fine!!the drawback is that i needed to sacrifice one of my keys dye to the immobilizer so that the ignition works on the alarm!!!not bad though!!!
Toad C4 alarm on both cars. Good Job. Plus big chain and motorbike shoulder lock to go round steering wheel and under seat. Heavy but vigilant deterant too.:D
Top of the range Clifford with proximity sensors. I can leave the hood down and if anyone puts there hands in for to long it goes off.

Remote boot opener also - makes life easy when your hands are full of beer, one plup and the boot opens, look no hands!:cool:

OK £500 for the lot! ouch!

next bolt on is auto windows up when arming.