Alarm sensors sold seperately?

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Alarm sensors sold seperately?

Aug 31, 2003
Banbury, Oxfordshire
anyone know where i can buy a boot open/shut push in type sensor at all? mine has lost its spring and no longer works, also means the alarm beeps when locking it as thinks doors open, gets embarrasing esp late at night when get home :( Looked on ebay to no avail, and scrappy not really an option as had bit of a run in with local one and would rather not go back tbh :(
Do you mean just a pin type switch? Should have loads(I know I chucked out loads recently but normally keep few of everything),i'll look tomorrow in garage,if I have i'll post them for you.
Yeah i think i mean pin type switch, the thing thats being pushed in by the tailgate when shut but then opens itself when tailgate is open if that makes sense :eek:

Sorry justus not what i'm after :eek: :p

If you have got any knocking about T14086 would be really greatful :worship: failing that will give halfords/factors a try :)

crap pic,sorry:eek:

These what your looking for?