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Airbag light

monkey dust

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Oct 4, 2007
i just fitted a momo bosskit and issota steering wheel and was wondering is there any way to get the drivers airbag light to go off
personally i'd prefer my head to hit a inflated bag insteard of a steering wheel,however you dont say what car you have,engine,year;)

(and posted in wrong section)
all you need to do is chop a single wire behind the instrument panel, i cant tell you colour unless you tell me which model and year it is.

alternatively you can unplug the airbag ecu or remove the bulb/led in the instrument panel.

you can even fool the ecu into thinking the airnag is still there using a resistor, but you need to do that at the same time as you remove the airbag, if you did it now you would then need to get the airbag ecu reset to switch the light off, and that means paying money to a dealer
why bother with resistor,his system is disabled anyway:rolleyes:

So you might aswell stick a piece of black tape over the light and have a large plastic bag sitting close to you so you can quickly blow it up when a truck pulls out in front of you,dont forget plastic bag for the passenger aswell;)
whoopie cushions work well, cellotape one to the steering wheel and you're sorted.
Also in the event of an accident any injury claim you put in will be greatly reduced as YOU knowingly drove a car with a safety system which YOU had caused to be non-functional. So if you did survive the accident dont expect enough compensation to do you any good.
If I'd have wanted a different steering wheel I seem to remember Fiat doing a sports one for an extortionate price with an airbag in it. Mine came with a 3 spoke steering wheel anyway so I left it. And seeing as an airbag saved my life when I was in a crash in a mates car I wouldnt EVER remove one.