Again with the BMW Drivers

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Again with the BMW Drivers

they just the worlds worst drivers

i hate bmw drivers theres not much more you can say about it

shame his BMW could not do 162 then the police cameras would not see him hahaha
my mother drives an M3:mad: and not just to the shops an back. i hate the way people brand BMW drivers, sure 75% are reps in 320d's but alot of people buy BMW's because there is no denying the fact they are pretty decent motors.

any way back to the thread, this guy is clearly a dick. apparently a deristricted standard M3 can touch 170+ :confused:
He made be an amateur race driver but does he have the road training of a top police officer?

He was also on the phone, enough said.
how often do you think the 'top police' officer has the opportunity to refresh his training? im sure he isnt involed in a high speed chase everyday. i dont think anybody should be doing those speeds unless on a track. :rolleyes:
I'd very much doubt he had police training. Doesn't mean he couldn't react to a situation as well as or better than the police man who was becoming acustomed to his car.

In this situation being on a phone at that speed was unforgivable. He could have been Michael Shumacher and I'd still say its dangerous.
He was one of the top police drivers in the country, a little different to an ameteur race driver on a mobile phone...

Not that I am really accepting what the policeman did as being "ok" but there is a huge difference, hence the differing judgements...
Well living close to germany I don't think that is a really crazy speed.
From the top of me head the m3 is limited on 250 Km/h that is 156 Mph.
All german cars expect porsches are limeted to that speed, unless you have it removed form the ecu but that is a diff. story.

But on the roads here (netherlands) I go way over the 105 Mph many times, atleast round our city, where it's not that bussy @ night/evening time.
And I don't se anything wrong with those speeds, atleast with both hands on the wheel, and no phones ringing..(y) And the roads empty :slayer:
I reached 146 Mph on a german road once , it aint all that fast on a 4/5 lane wide highway, and you would be amazed @ how maney car's still pull up to your fender wanting to get past you, flashing their lights.:worship:
And no it wasn't in a fiat, but an renault alpine..:D