500 After a long wait the POP arrives


After a long 18 week wait its arrived. Picked up my 1.3 POP today and all is well with the world now.
Had a quick look in the Blue&Me book to find out how to connect my phone and download my contacts (Nokia 6630). All paired and sorted.
Still have a tonne to read to figure out this system but so far it seems intuative.
Oh and the car engine is great, revs well and feels torquey. I will have to keep the revs down for a few thousand miles.
I will take it out tomorrow for a longer drive and experience the magic and tonite I will read the manuals and drink beer !
Mar 26, 2008
Fleet, Hampshire
Wow!! It has been worth the wait I bet:D:D Looks awesome in virgin white, just like original 500 - no stickers, no frills, just fun, fun, fun;) I remember when we managed to get 6 people in one of the 'olduns' (admitedly it was 600, but it is almost as just as small:p). I do hope you enjoy it


New member
Jan 15, 2008
Nice one Jake, good choice on the climate control and wheels. Loving the pop interior, that's serious value for such quality(y)