Advice need please :)

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Advice need please :)

Sep 16, 2006

ive got nothing better to do today and im thinking of giving my car a bloody good clean lol its a tip inside cant sit on the back seat theres that much crap lol

so the advice i need is i was thinking to wash my car then wax it BUT ive heard waxing takes hours and hours to do also u have to do a small area first

could anyone tell me how long it roughly takes to do and wats the best type of cloth to use ?

many thanks :)
It depends on the wax you use. Some are harder to remove than others. I use Meguiars and I find it's really easy to remove so it's quick. And yes you need to tackle it in sections, although when it's colder it takes longer to cure, so I would put wax on a couple of panels and then go back and take it off...
ok im just using the wax i got for xmas last year lol i use the shampoo which i think is great is a "bad boy" think tesco sell it and i got wax with it so fort i mite do it today

put it all of the then rub it in orjust put some on a cloth and rub it in that way ?