adding mp3 to stilo

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adding mp3 to stilo

That won't work. What you have linked to there is an adapter that converts speaker signal (high voltage) to RCA signal (low voltage) so you can add an amplifier to your system if your HU doesn't have built in RCA outputs.
so if it was the other way around so to speak would it wo

the mp3 player is 3.5mm output, so i thought if i had a 3.5mm to rca adaptor then rca to speaker wire adaptor this would work?

if you have any other suggestions this would be good.

i think rca terminals are +around the edge and -on the points so i culd possibly make something that would convert to speaker wire myself?
RCA outputs are one way I'm afraid - out! They're also not powerful enough to drive speakers.

It would be easier to buy a new HU with MP3 input / compatability, plenty around for less than £100.