Technical Adding Brembos to a 2.0 VIS NA

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Technical Adding Brembos to a 2.0 VIS NA

Jan 16, 2015
Tipperary, Eire
Hey All,
I'm back in a Coupe after quite a long time. Had a stint in Alfa GTV and still have my Spider. My previous 20VT died and I stripped what I could from it.
I plan on adding the parts I have onto this VIS.
16" alloys. 20VT suspension + Apex lowering springs.
Brembos & 305mm discs.

The Question is how best to add the Brembos?
I have the 20VT hubs and struts - No drive shafts.

Have had a look at the front bearings for the 20V and 20VT and they look different. I'm open to correction on these, but this is what I have found.
20V - OD 72mm ID 37mm
20VT - OD 80mm ID 42mm

I think the 20V shafts are much thinner than the 20VT shafts.

Anyone done this?
All suggestions welcome.

Failing this, it could be 166 calipers and adapters, but would like to keep them standard.

Many thanks in advance, Dave