General Active Sport Info Needed Please

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General Active Sport Info Needed Please


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Apr 6, 2007
Im viewing a Stilo Active Sport 1.6 over the weekend and i was wondering if anyone could give me a list of what to look for when viewing the car, i.e Common Faults, Wears and tears that need replacing etc, anything to lower the price lol. Its on a 53 plate at 37000 miles.

thank you and your help will be well appreciated


Nov 11, 2005
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On the out side look for traffic and super market dings as body repairs are cheap to put right ..mechanically just make sure that there are no warning lights up and when on a test drive listen for any knocking that maybe coming from the front or rear suspensions ..check the brakes to see that they actually do stop you and that they pull up in a straight line ..and while on the road See if the car wants to pull to the left hand side and follow ant ruts in the road ..checking the tyres on the front will show if your tracking is out and look for ware on the inside of the tread ..on the rears they ware on the outside of the tyre and if the tracking is way out it will show there as well ..generally have a good look over the car make sure everything works and be happy the way it drives and if your not just walk away as there's plenty more out there (y)

PS.. and dont dismiss the 5dr they are a great car