General Active sport 1.2 8v misfire

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General Active sport 1.2 8v misfire


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Oct 6, 2007
i have a punto 04 plate which as a minor misfire. I have taken it to auto centres but they don't have the correct testing machine to narrow the problem down. They say it could be plugs, leads, coils or all three.

The misfire is very minor and every now and again - any ideas of what could be wrong?

I don't really fancy paying the main dealer!
mine was misfiring and it was the leads very discreet but i noticed a littlr white mark on the lead at the coil

hope it helps:)
The plugs would be the cheapest and fastest to replace, does it misfire only when its damp weather? If so i would go with the leads first, if no though i would replace the plugs first.
go out tonight when its dark and with the engine running look for sparks from the leads(arcing)
personally i would just fire a set of plugs and leads on the car. if it still pays up you can test the coils using the guide in the guides section