Panda 2012+ Abarth Panda

Abarth Panda
Hi ya,do the 500 abarth seats fit straight in without any modifications and the same for the steering wheel, thanks
Looks amazing! May I ask what is the Infotainment system there? And how does it fit, since the original has rounded corners.
It's only a cheap eBay job with a facia to make it fit into the shaped slot. To be honest I'm not keen on it and will be replacing it soon
Love it mate, Now that will be something most Panda owners have been hoping would get put into production . Well done. Looks great so far.
Made by myself and a mate in my shed cut out the parts of the Abarth bumpers I wanted cut the original Panda bumpers to match a bit of fiberglass and a lot of body filler and sanding then into the shed for paint


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