Technical Abarth coil change 1 or 5!

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Technical Abarth coil change 1 or 5!


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Sep 9, 2004
Hi all,
My Abarth is still kangarooing from cold, Just changed all 5 spark plugs (cheapest option first!) when i took the coils out i noticed 4 Bosch ones and 1 coil just plain black (no sticker) this is the second coil as you look at the engine from left to right is it worth changing this with a new Bosch one before buying 5?:confused: .


Find out which one is causing the problem.
Then, just like your tyres, got a nail in one? Change that one.
If they're all high mileage (40k miles plus for coils) then might be worth changing the lot but most just carry a spare ready as it's a quick job to change one
Thanks for that Deckchair, Can they tell you which coil is bad at the dealers?
Is the engine running funny when just in idle on the drive? If so you can surly just unplug the HT from the coils individually and if no engine change is detected then that is surely the one that has gone, if engine starts going crazy then that one is working... Obviously you perform this check on all 5?

Correct me if I am barking up the wrong tree

That's the method used by most of us so it sounds good to me:)

If the coil is just breaking down intermittently then a scope or examiner can often be the only sure way of finding just which one is playing up. Mind you, once a coil starts to go then it isn't long before they really put their feet up, lay down and die. I've got one coil that's just starting to feel like it's going to retire soon
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Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a go.