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Nov 18, 2005
This afternoon I decided I would fit my 40mm TB as the missus is away for the weekend and I won't get badgered to do other jobs.

So I start stripping the old one off. I end up with it partially stripped when I look at the hose clips. Hmmm I think. They're not reusable. Oh well tricker supplied new ones with the new TB. Ahh but they are a wierd type that I have no idea how to tighten. Bugger! So I put it all back together a bit pee'd off as I'll now have to go to Halfrauds in the morning and by some normal ones and try again.

So I get in the car to go and randomly the lights for all the heater controls no longer work.

Me pee'd off? YOu bet ya :bang:

Any idea what could be wrong with the dash lights?