Aaargh- Help with vinyl 12"s

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Aaargh- Help with vinyl 12"s

Big Black Stilo

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Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
Anyone know what i can use that I may have in the house already to get static out of a few of my vinyl LPs?

Its isnt dust or scratches at when I hold the disk my hairs on my arms are attracted to it and they play terrible.

I havent got any specialist audio stuff, is there anything I could use to get rid of it?
It shouldnt make any difference to the audio quality, as when you buy them new, they are statically charged.

I guess you could try running a soft damp coton cloth over them
The static charge is huge as in like when you turn off a TV and put your arm near the screen!
does the vinyl stick to the paper sleeve?

The best thing i can suggest is to de-charge it the same way you used to do with those old plastic rule and duster science thingys.

Pass the charge onto something else - is your record deck earthed btw?